Adidas x Marvel D.O.N. Issue #1: A Little Bit of Everything at an Affordable Price

Do you like playing basketball? Are you on the lookout for bang for the buck basketball performance sneakers? Are you a fan of Donovan “Spida” Mitchell? Are you a fan of Marvel Comics and Spiderman? Do you collect sneakers? Do you like sneaker collaborations but are not willing to spend a huge amount of money for it?

If the answers to all the questions above are all YES, then look no further than Donovan Mitchell’s first signature basketball sneaker with Adidas, D.O.N. Issue #1.

Donovan Mitchell is one of players being raved about in this year’s team USA. He is super athletic, relentless and fearless just like the Marvel Comic’s superhero, Spiderman. No wonder he is called “Spida”.

Checkout B/R Kicks, Donovan Mitchell talk us through each of the colorways.

credit: Bleacher Report (B/R) – B/R Kicks

The collaboration with Marvel features four (4) colorways of the Don Issue #1. Each one represents a spider suit that Peter Parker wore in the comics. The first colorways were released on the same week that the movie, Spiderman: Far From Home debuted in local cinemas.

Before we take a look at all four colorways , let’s check the sneaker itself. All colorways except the Symbiote Spiderman have mesh upper. The Symbiote Spiderman’s upper material is done in leather. The inner lining of the sneaker is well-padded. The D.O.N Issue #1 has full-length Bounce midsole. For performance, Bounce provides that balance between cushion and responsiveness. The outsole comes in solid rubber that features herringbone traction pattern.

Let’s take a look at all of them starting with the colorway most synonymous to Marvel’s web-slinging hero.

“Amazing Spiderman”

Spiderman will always be remembered wearing red and blue. The “Amazing Spiderman” represented by the blue and red mesh upper. There are also nice details on the back of the tongue where there is a web-like stitching pattern.

The Stealth Suit first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #650. Predominantly a black suit, parts of it turns green when it is on “Camo Mode” making him invisible from both audio and visual detection.

“Stealth Spiderman”

The “Stealth” version comes in black with “solar green” accents. The inner lining and padding also come in this neon green color. It represents the comic book version accurately.

The Symbiote Suit first appeared on Amazing Spider-Man #252 here he wore a black suit with white details. It was the time when an alien Symbiote bonded with Peter Parker.

“Symbiote Spiderman”

It is the only one with a leather construction. Although in the comics the suit is black and white, to add character they added pink and white fangs on the midsole with additional red speckles resembling that of blood splatters.

The Iron Spider suit first appeared on Amazing Spider-Man #529. It was made by Tony Stark (Ironman) for Peter Parker.

“Iron Spiderman”

This colorway features a combination of two red colors (red and power red) for its upper. The branding and other accents are done in metallic gold.

All come in a special box (check the picture below)

I had a chance to use it on court once and my initial feedback is good. It fits true-to-size and the traction worked well for me. Will be using it more and see if it performs consistently.

The Adidas x Marvel D.O.N. Issue#1 is available in Adidas PH online as well as retail stores for Php 5,500 (USD 105).

Which of the four (4) do you like the most? Let me know your thoughts.